Light up Zurich with your dreams

31.12.2023 - 02.01.2024

You told us about your dreams and wishes for Zurich and the world. The most frequent entries are now being interpreted by local artists and projected onto the landmarks of Zurich's city center on New Year's Day.

Your dreams for the new year:

What is LiechtTräum all about?

Together with the people of Zurich, we are transforming the New Year's days
from 31.12.2023 to 02.01.2024 into a luminous light festival.

Selected dreams are being visually realized by local artists in December and projected onto iconic buildings in Zurich's city centre on New Year's Day.

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Explore the dreams in zurich's old town:

Zürich Opera House

The multi-award-winning cultural institution on Sechseläutenplatz is one of Zurich's most famous landmarks. For LiechtTräum, light artist Daniel Margraf intepreted the dream of "world peace". His interpretation will be projected onto the iconic building from December 31st through January 2nd 2024.

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The Grossmünster church is a landmark of Zurich. Legend has it that the church was built on the graves of the city’s patron saints, Felix and Regula. For LiechtTräum, Zurich artist Oibel1 will project his interpretation of the dream "more solidarity" onto the church.

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St. Peter

The St. Peter church in Zurich has the largest church clock face in Europe. On New Year's Day, you can admire a work by Maja Hürst on the subject of "gratitude".

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The Fraumünster and Grossmünster churches are landmarks of Zurich. The convent once held great power in Zurich. For LiechtTräum, the NGO "Cup of Color" is projecting the dream of "more tolerance & acceptance" on the well-known church.

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The Stadthaus Zurich (town hall) is located on the left banks of the River Limmat, right alongside the Fraumünster church. On this building, the NGO "Cup of Color" is showing a projection on the topic of "climate protection".

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Stadthausquai 1

Built between 1887 and 1889, this building is an integral part of Zurich's cityscape. Over the New Year period, you can discover a light projection by Sophie le Meillour intepreting the topic of "a city without cars".

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Participating artists

Samora Bazarrabusa «Oibel1»

Samora Bazarrabusa is a true Zurich native. Born and raised in the city, he started out as a sprayer over 20 years ago and now works as a visual artist in various media.

Oibel’s artworks are characterized by strong lines, figurative shapes, bright and vibrant colors, which has a strong effect on the viewer.

With his art, Oibel wants to stimulate positivity and constructive, but also critical thinking about himself and the environment. He draws inspiration from all kinds of cultures, nature, society, graffiti and art in general, focusing on ideas such as love, life, consciousness and the abstraction of being.

Maja Hürst

Maja Hürst became known for her large murals and smaller works in public spaces. Today, Hürst's works can be found on buildings all over the world and in exhibitions and collections.

Born in Zurich, Maja Hürst grew up in Cairo and Cologne. Since the end of the 90s, Hürst has lived in Zurich and Berlin. After several years of searching for her style, Hürst has been successfully expanding the visual universe TIKA since 2003, which uses geometric forms to explore the essence of figurative abstraction. Hürst is keen to experiment and consistently adapts his unmistakable visual language to countless techniques and materials.

In terms of content, the themes are as multifaceted as Hürst's interests. Everyday cultural issues are catalyzed with global world events and historical-mythological themes.

Sophie le Meillour

Sophie Le Meillour is an independent visual transmedia artist. Born in Toulouse in 1988, she has lived and worked in Geneva since 2009. A graduate in visual communication, Sophie explores the different levels of our aesthetic perception of the living world, collecting images here and on her travels, which she then transforms into original visual experiences. Digital art and textures inspired by nature are at the center of her universe.

Sophie has performed with her video projection in many countries, including Ecuador, Chile, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Turkey, the Netherlands, Kenya, Tanzania and the USA.
Sophie has been a member of the ATRAP collective since 2018 and combines mural painting with projection mapping. The visual artist now gives workshops on mapping software and Vjing at various media design schools. In 2020, she is one of the members of the Mapping Festival in Geneva.


With its large-scale works of art, the NGO „Cup of Color“ conveys hope for change worldwide. Together with communities in Myanmar, Chad, Romania, etc., artists paint on site, usually on the walls of houses. In this collaborative creation process, people are able to express themselves, find their voice again and encourage each other.

Today, the team has grown to around 12 active members and a larger network of specialists. In addition to the mural projects, they have designed international exhibitions, initiated a global illustration project with 160 artists and painted various children’s rooms. They have always experienced the positive impact of participating in public art in these communities.

Daniel Margraf - Spreefunkeln

Daniel Margraf has specialized in light art and analogue slide projection in his work. He creates atmospheres with flair and sensitivity. His works transform houses and rooms and familiar places can be experienced in a completely new way.

Through his expressive light images, he creates a space in which people can immerse themselves and at the same time slow down, come to rest and become discoverers. Each of his works is unique and is created especially for the given occasion. A unique work of light art is created to suit the location and its conditions, which reinterprets its surroundings, such as the building architecture, the landscape or the space.

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